ANC 4B February Meeting Highlights

ANC 4B’s February meeting at the MPD Community room on Georgia Avenue was a speedy affair.  The main activities can be summarized in the following five points:

Erosion Control

David Wooden, Environmental Protection Specialist, for the DC Department of Energy and Environment came to inform the audience of a new landscaping project that will be installed at the Takoma Recreation Center in the coming months.  Anyone who has ever walked the grounds of that parkland knows that there is a severe soil erosion problem.  To help control the erosion, the Department will plant a shrub barrier in the area of the existing concrete shuffleboard courts, which will be removed.  Sumac is likely one of the species of plants that will be installed.

Harmful LED Lighting

Mr. Wayne Savage gave a very reasoned argument in favor of the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) modifying their current plan to replace up to 70,000 streetlights with “cool”, blue colored LED bulbs.  Citing guidance from the American Medical Association, Mr. Savage suggests that “warm” colored lights would be the better choice.  The ANC supported Mr. Savage’s conclusion by voting to strengthen its resolution to request that DDOT change their plans and install the more suitable, warm colored bulbs. Chairman Carley was designated to be the ANC’s representative to speak to DDOT on this issue

Update from Councilmember Todd’s Office

Councilmember Todd’s Deputy Chief of Staff Dolly Turner gave a brief update on the latest news from his Office.  Some highlights include a notice that Mr. Todd will hold open Office Hours at the Lamond Riggs Recreation Center on March 1 from 3 to 5 pm.  In addition, Ms. Turner described the CM’s participation in a program called the Verizon Senior Mobile Technology Initiative which trained over 400 seniors how to get connected to the internet and mobile devices. In an article posted on Verizion’s community new page, CM Todd stated, “I’ve heard a strong desire from many seniors for assistance in this area. Connecting them digitally is a major way we can ensure they remain active, involved, informed, and thriving in their communities in the Ward.”

Update from Mayor Bowser’s Office

Finally, Phil McCauley from Mayor Bowser’s Office came to give an update on the Mayor’s Budget Engagement Forums.  He provided hard-copies of the PowerPoint deck that was used in the meetings. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find an electronic version. I will post it if it becomes available.


Councilmember Todd’s Deputy Chief of Staff Dolly Turner provides an update for the audience.
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