ANC 4B – Neighborhood Commission October Meeting Highlights

And rumor has it, the meeting is still ongoing….

ANC 4B met on Monday evening to tackle an agenda that was packed to the gills.  The agenda was so overloaded, that the meeting didn’t conclude until after 10 pm., with a few frayed nerves and worn tempers to show for it.

In a way, it was an impressive feat of endurance for the Commissioners, who certainly earned their “pay” (the joy of serving the public!) last night.  Between getting roasted for not fixing traffic issues that they have no control over to getting buffeted by both sides over the alignment of the upcoming Metropolitan Branch Trail, it is easy to wonder why someone would volunteer for such a position.

I’m not a good enough writer to whip tonight’s events into an interesting story, so here are my meeting highlights, posted in lovely bullet point format:


  • PEPCO Capital Grid Project
    • The utility is in the final design stages of a major infrastructure upgrade project for the transmission lines and associated substations that serve our area and our neighbors over the border in Maryland.  Over the course of the next two years, PEPCO and its contractors will replace ten miles of underground transmissions line that are buried along Eastern Avenue.  Fenton, Eastern, and New Hampshire Avenues will be affected by lane closures and traffic re-routing over the course of construction.
  • DC Water Green Infrastructure Program Update
    • DC Water is about to begin a major stormwater retention program in our neighborhoods.  There was a kickoff event earlier today which was attended by the Mayor and CM Todd.  I will present more information on this project in a subsequent article.
  • Old Takoma Business Association
    • Ms. Laura Barclay from came to explain the role of the association and its many benefits to its business members.
    • The association is a non-profit which was started in 2004.
    • It serves businesses on both the DC and MD side of the border.
    • Benefits include: General support, sharing of relevant information, grant writing support, community calendar, social media/marketing and market studies.
    • Web site is
  • Resolutions Addressed by the Commission
    • Walter Reed Children’s Medical Center (Passed)
    • Walter Reed Building I/J [Towncenter building] (Passed)
    • Metropolitan Branch Trail
      • This resolution was argued over for about 30 minutes and I’m still unclear what the points of debate were.  “Bike lanes” are a hot button issue in the city, so citizens don’t generally speak honestly about them.  Nevertheless, this resolution was heavily amended to removed references to all but the “southern portions” of the extension.  This amended resolution passed.
    • Liquor License recommendations
      • The commission voted to support the application of both Safeway and the new Oohhs & Aahhs Soul Food Restaurant
    • Commissioned voted to support the naming of the new middle school after Paul Quander, a former D.C. and federal prosecutor who also held several top-level administrative positions in the D.C government.


Christopher Alexander

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