ANC4B Election Drama RESOLVED!

ANC4B Election Drama RESOLVED!

I missed last night’s ANC 4B meeting because I had to be home with my kids, but I am happy to see that the election drama has finally been solved.  There are so many consequential issues facing both of our local Advisory Neighborhoods Commissions and hopefully this result will allow the community to focus on those items.

Below is the text of the NextDoor post from ANC 4B02 commissioner Tanya Topolewski.


I am very pleased that ANC 4B successfully held elections at last nite’s meeting.
If you didn’t see prior postings the new officers are:

Chair:          Scot Knickerbocker, ANC 4B03   (replacing Andre Carley 4B01)

Vice-Chair:  Natalee Snider, ANC 4B06     (replacing Barbara Rogers 4B08)

Secretary:  Tanya Topolewski, ANC 4B02  (replacing Brenda Parks 4B04)

Treasurer:  Andre Carley, ANC 4B01           (replacing Tischa Cockrell 4B09)

It is worth noting that the votes for each office were the same 5 to 4 split:

  • Winning:  Carley, Topolewski, Knickerbocker, Snider, Rodgers
  • Losing:  Parks, Hughes, Jones, Cockrell
I would like to give a big shout out to Commissioner Scot Knickerbocker for stepping and running for Chair.  Scot has not been a flashy Commissioner.  He consistently represents his community through solving peoples issues without raising a fuss, thoroughly researching problems, and reaching out broadly to all his constituents for issues that affect his SMD.  Friends, he’s a keeper.  At ANC meetings, he tends to be quiet, observant and has preferred to make his voice be heard through his vote.  I’ve often encouraged him to speak more.  To make his thoughts known more.  To let his light shine more as he has a very clear, logical mind that deserves to be heard.  But most important of all, he cares deeply about ANC 4B, and specifically 4B03.  For Scot to run for Chair is him taking on additional responsibilities that goes along with the position.   Being Chair of this group will be no picnic.  I have great faith in Scot’s abilities to be true to himself and 4B in his tenure as Chair.  I think he’s going to do a great job.
Natalee is Vice Chair.  There is no better advocate and harder worker than Natalee Snider.  She is a force of nature.
I asked Andre to run for Treasurer.  I thank him for his service as Chair.  He has always been a consistent voice for his SMD through his multiple committments to a variety of community leadership positions.  He too, works very hard for 4B and I’m happy he has signed on for Treasurer to bring his long experience to that position.
I am Secretary.  I ran for this position to begin communicating with Constituents better.  As many of you know, I feel the ANC does a very poor job of communicating with you, our constituents.  I want to give it a go as Secretary to change that.  First goals:  cover the very basics by having minutes and recordings on the website in a timely manner.  Even that low bar will be a big step up for 4B.  We’ll see what else 4B can change from a communications perspective in 8 months.  I’m taking suggestions.  Feel free to email me at 4B02@ with ideas or if you’d like to help in some other way.
Lastly, I’d like to personally thank Commissioners Parks, Cockrell and Rogers for their service as Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chair, respectively.   Commissioner Rogers in particular has been an even keeled, knowledgeabe and centered voice on our Commission as Vice Chair.  Even though she is stepping away from an officer position she will still be serving her SMD and 4B faithfully in her thorough, professional way.
Commissioners Cockrell and Parks, thank you for your service.
I’m glad this area of drama of the  ANC4B Election has been put to rest.  We have other areas where we have deep disagreements but getting over this hump is a big step forward.
Commissioner Tanya Topolewski ANC 4B02



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