Apply for Georgia Avenue Small-Biz Grants Now!

The Upper Georgia Avenue Main Street (UGAMS) is making funds available for small businesses located in the UGAMS
corridor to invest in capacity building and/or to mitigate losses incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring
business sustainability and enhancing services for the community. Submissions are due by April 6th, 2020, with award
notifications by April 15th.

Upper Georgia Avenue Grants

Eligible Activities

  • Improved signage
  • Enhancement to the interior or exterior of a building, including new construction and repair
  • Green and energy-efficient installments & updates
  • Acquisition of major items or permanent
  • Equipment (such as refrigerators, point of sale systems, permanent outdoor seating, or video recording systems)
  • Management training or staff training
  • Business planning, tax preparation, and accounting assistance
  • Government regulation and legal assistance
  • Marketing and branding training (social media, website, Yelp reviews, etc.)
  • Staffing costs to expand operating hours
  • Creation of new product or service offering
  • Payment of rent and/or payroll due to reduced income caused by COVID-19
  • Costs associated with the provision of additional services and/or adjustment of services to respond to the changing business environment as a result of COVID-19

Ineligible Activities

  • Ineligible expenses include the financing of existing debt, maintenance and moving expenses, design costs, permit
    fees, and loan interest.
  • Further, UGAMS will not support activities that involve illicit substances, guns, tobacco or are political in nature
    or may be politicized such that they divide the community, could be negatively featured in the press, or implicates a bias concern.

Timeline and Requirements

UGAMS will only consider complete applications (an application checklist can be found below).


A completed application consists of:

  • Grant Application
  • Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
  • Clean Hands Certificate from the DC Office of Tax and Revenue
  • Business Information Survey

For Capacity Building/COVID-19 mitigation:

Current rent with Copy of Lease, payroll, or day-to-day operations costs (if seeking funding to cover these)

For Facade/Signage Improvements:

  • Copy of lease for the business address
  • Signed landlord affidavit approving of the improvement (if necessary, per lease)
  • Copy of permits for installation (if necessary)
  • Renderings of fabrication and/or installation (drawing, photograph, design, etc.)
    • Designs are subject to review by UGAMS for eligibility.

The program disburses grants on a reimbursement basis or as expenses are incurred. This is not an outright grant.
DC Department of Small and Local Business Development generously supports this grant.

Scoring Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate all applications.

  • A. Capacity and History of the Applicant Businesses to meet the grant objectives which are:
    • i. to help existing businesses adapt their business model and meet changing customer demand.
    • ii. to provide financial assistance to distressed businesses that have experienced significant financial losses
      as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.
  • B. Strength of the Project Implementation Plan. Thoroughly describes the implementation plan for the proposal.Include detailed timelines and budgets. Applicants should show that they have a sound plan for achieving the goals of this grant. This should include descriptions of the service/equipment if any that will be purchased with the grant.
  • C. Financial Viability of Applicant Organization to manage the grant and ability to absorb costs broadly associated with the project for which these grant funds apply including application for assistance from other sources through donations, grants and loans and adjustment to services.
  • D. Creativity and Innovation in using the grant to help existing businesses adapt their business model to meet changing needs.

Terms and Conditions

  • All projects paid for by this grant must be completed between October 1st, 2019 and September 1st, 2020 – no
    projects outside this time frame will be considered.
  • This grant is disbursed as expenses are incurred or as a reimbursement to the business owner. Grant payments
    will be issued only to the business owner.
  • All awards are contingent on approval by the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development and the
    availability of funds. The submission of this application does not constitute an agreement to issue a grant award.
  • All participants agree to allow UGAMS to install a small sign/plaque near their door stating that they have
    participated in the program and agree to keep the sticker present for 5 years.

UGAMS reserves the right to refuse funding for projects that do not align with the mission of UGAMS as well as for any
other reason agreed upon by the grant review committee.


There will be a Telephone Conference Call this Thursday, March 26 at 4:30 pm to share further details about the grant application process. The Call-in number is (202) 847-5879. No PIN is required.

For more information please contact Paul Ruppert at

Paul W. Ruppert
Executive Director
Upper Georgia Avenue Main Street
(202) 657-3297

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