Aspen Street Reconstruction Meeting

On Thursday evening, Councilmember Brandon Todd’s office hosted a virtual community meeting to discuss the latest updates on the Aspen Street Reconstruction (link) project.  Chief of Staff Sheryl Newman moderated the call.  Several employees from the District’s Department of Transportation shared the latest updates on elements of the plan.

The goal of this project is to provide an improved and sustainable transportation network, pedestrian /vehicular safety and accessibility, efficient travel options, and street and sidewalk enhancement. This design will support The Parks at Walter Reed and the local community by improving traffic operations and providing traffic calming measures towards future Walter Reed development ensuring ADA compliance throughout the corridor.

Aspen Street Map

For those who don’t know, Aspen Street NW lies directly south of the upcoming Walter Reed mixed-use development. The master developer of Walter Reed is returning 20 feet of land along the north side of Aspen Street to the city for the purpose of improving pedestrian assess.

Key elements of the plan include:ddotbikepath

  • 10-foot wide multi-use trail on the north side of Aspen Street
  • 6-foot wide sidewalk on the south side
  • Traffic signal upgrades
  • New turning lanes
  • Street lighting upgrades
  • Drainage and stormwater management improvements
  • Landscaping and new street trees
  • Bio-retention planters
  • The parking lane will be made from porous asphalt (link) to allow stormwater to seep into the ground

Two “historic” sheds that sit on the planned right-of-way of the multi-use trail (these are building 31 and 84 in the image below) have been approved for demolition by decree of the Mayor’s Agent for Historic Preservation.


Project timeline

Aspen Street Project Schedule

You can learn more about this project at DDOT’S web site (link).



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