Black Panther Movie Night – Jennell Alexander’s Client Appreciation Event

I am so grateful to clients, family and friends for the support they have given me in my real estate business for the past year.  To show my appreciation, we arranged a movie night viewing party for my clients to catch the weekend premiere of the hit film Black Panther. Check out the story of our amazing cinematic adventure to the nation of Wakanda!

Kenyan Delights

Black Panther Swahili VillageWe began the afternoon at our home with an authentic East African meal of goat stew and pilau rice, catered by the wonderful Swahili Village Bar & Grill in Beltsville, MD.  Our family visited this restaurant once before and we were so impressed that we had to try them again.  The samosas, seasoned beef stuffed in a light, flaky pastry, are to die for!

Black Panther Event

My husband drove all over town to find a case of Tusker beer, a popular Kenyan brand.  He also bought two bottles of Jam Jar, a fun, simple and sweet wine from South Africa.  There was  a nice, relaxing vibe as we listened to music by artists such as Nigerian AfroPop star Yemi Alade.

Riding in Style

Party busAfter a delightful meal, our group climbed aboard the party bus for a trip to the cinema.  Transportation was provided by RSTQ Transportation, which offered a 26-passenger bus outfitted with premium leather seating, surround sound, mirrored ceiling, and fiber optic lighting.  Our guests were truly wowed by the experience and felt like rockstars stepping out of the bus at the doorstep of the theater.Black Panther Bus

We took in the movie at Arc Light Cinemas in Bethesda, MD. We chose this theater because it has very comfortable, reserved seating, and also because they only show a limited number of previews before the show (just ten minutes).  This helps immeasurably when you are trying to keep a schedule.  It is also a big improvement over some other theaters which can show 20 to 25 minutes of previews before the feature film, as my husband and children found out at a second viewing at another chain on Sunday.

The Film

Black Panther MovieThis is the movie that has launched a million think-pieces and reviews (including an excellent essay in The Atlantic by Adam Serwer [spoilers!]), so you don’t need me to tell you much about it.  I’ll just say that it was absolutely fantastic and, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should put down your phone and go to your nearest theater right now.  This film is a landmark as far as representation on the big screen is concerned. In a recent interview, actress Lupita Nyong’o stated, “We all see ourselves better when we can see ourselves in someone else.” This film provides that to a whole new generation of people, who get to see powerful and intelligent characters of color truly shine on the big screen.  Even the film’s “villain” has motivations that deeply resonate with the audience.

The Experience

Black Panther definitely earned five stars from me and I was thrilled to be able to share in this cultural event with family and friends. The hashtags #WakandaForever and #BlackExcellence capture the feeling of pride and joy that we all felt leaving the theater and relaxing on the ride back to our home.  I greatly enjoyed the company of everyone who attended and can’t wait to begin planning for the next appreciation event.

As a Realtor, my goal is to build relationships with all of my clients. You are more than a one-time transaction. I not only care about ensuring that your deal goes through smoothly, but building upon a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Sometimes that means providing months of buyer education to get a family in a position to complete their purchase the right away.  Other times that may look like providing support and references to technicians long after your deal is closed. But it always means taking care of my clients and making sure that they feel supported with all of their real estate concerns.

Friends at Black PantherIf you are preparing to buy, sell, or invest a house this Spring, please give me a call at 202-717-2276. I am never too busy for your referrals, so if you know of someone who needs help with a real estate question, I would appreciate if you would share my contact information. I promise to serve them to the best of my abilities.





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