Brightwood Community Association – December 2019 Meeting Notes

The Brightwood Community Association held its monthly meeting on this evening at the St. John United Baptist Church.  This was a special meeting because it also served as the Holiday Potluck for the community.  Residents and local businesses donated many yummy treats. In addition to the regular reports, there were two guests speakers.

Unfortunately, the meeting started on a sad note as Brightwood was featured in the news in a negative light.  The alleged assailant from the stabbing attack at the The Basilica of the National Shrine fled the scene of the crime and barricaded himself in a Sheridan Street NW home for several hours. The man surrendered to police after about two hours. The street was blocked off for the better part of the day and there was a massive police presence.

News From the Mayor’s Office

Gabrielle Priest from the Mayor’s Office of Community Engagement shared a few important upcoming events for the community:

News From ANC 4A

ANC Commissioner Patience Singleton shared a brief update on the Commission’s submission of comments for the upcoming DC Comprehensive Plan.  We shared some thoughts about that meeting in a previous blog post.

Brightwood Real Estate Update

Jennell Alexander

My lovely wife, Jennell Alexander, and I were honored to be asked to present some information on the latest local real estate and small business trends for the community.  Jennell shared three key points:

  • The Truth About Those “Buy Your Home Fast” letters and signs
  • Local Market Stats for the Brightwood community
  • How We Can Help Promote Local Small Businesses

Part of being a great real estate agent is knowing the communities that you serve. We interview local small business owners and promote their services with videos and blog posts. We all win when the community thrives! Connect us with your favorite Brightwood area small businesses so that we can help shine a light on them as well.

Visit to see some of our previous videos, including ones for Ritchie’s Cafe, Soup Up and Moreland’s Tavern.

Here is the market information that Jennell shared at tonight’s meeting: Presentation for BCA Mtg_Nov2019

There was also an interesting side-discussion about the boundaries of the Brightwood subdivision.  While the Brightwood Community Association considers its eastern boundary to be Georgia Avenue NW, city tax records and real estate advertising routinely includes most of Takoma and Manor Park as “Brightwood” as well. Our uptown neighborhoods have a unique development history and sometimes that leads to confusion.

Upper Georgia Avenue Main Street Grant Update

Glen O’Gilvie, Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement, came to share information about the upcoming Upper Georgia Avenue Main Street implementation. The Main Street grant will focus on assisting the business district with the retention, expansion and attraction of neighborhood-serving retail stores; and on unifying and strengthening the commercial corridor. Mr. O’Gilvie stated that they are in the process of hiring a director for the Main Street.

I asked him to provide an example or two of a success story that the Center experienced with The Parks Main Street. He cited Culture Coffee Too and Peaches Kitchen, two popular local establishments who have been helped with technical training and grant funding.  Most of us are familiar with those.  If we can use them as a model for improvement for some of our Georgia Avenue shops, great things lie ahead for our community.

Greetings from Councilmember Todd

Finally, Councilmember Todd stopped by to share some holiday greetings, grab a quick snack and share some news with the community.

  • More than 700 winter coats for needy Ward 4 children were donated at the holiday party last weekend. Amazing!
  • The CM described the recent trip to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia and one of DC’s sister cities.  Ward 4 has the largest number of native Ethiopians in the city, and Mr. Todd said that it was an honor to represent them on the journey.
  • In legislative news, his office is investigating ways to require apartment building to provide trash service that is appropriate for the number of residents in a building.  In this meeting we learned that some building with 25 to 50 apartments are using residential trash cans instead of a commercial dumpster service.
  • The Councilmember knows the identity of the soon-to-be-announced Walter Reed grocery store. Despite repeated prodding from the audience, he would not reveal the secret.  He teased it by saying that the announcement “will be a ‘Win’ for Ward 4”.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough!



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