COVID-19: DC Incidences by Neighborhood Map Published

This morning, the very helpful @CouncilofDC social media accounts published a DC COVID-19 Incidences by Neighborhood map. Even though the neighborhood boundaries are a little wonky, this localized view is much more informative than the Ward map the city has been providing.  This map was published on May 5th.

DC COVID-19 by neighborhood

Here’s a look at neighborhoods in our community:

  • Shepherd Park Cluster (includes Colonial Village and parts of Takoma): 103 cases
  • Brightwood Cluster (includes Manor Park and part of Takoma: 242
  • 16th Street Heights Cluster (includes Crestwood): 273
  • Columbia Heights Cluster: 298

The thing that jumps out is that the Georgia Avenue corridor appears to be the center of the city’s COVID-19 outbreak. Why is this so?

There appear to be more questions than answers at this time. Many of the highly impacted neighborhoods consist of apartment buildings.  Some of these residents also have jobs that are considered essential and/or require travel on public transportation.  How can this information help us decrease the number of coronavirus cases moving forward?

You can find this map and other related data at

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