Crazy Accident on 16th Street NW

My family had just finished a nice dinner on this dreary Friday evening when we heard a loud CRACK! outside of the house. It sounded like the clap of a lightning strike, but when it wasn’t followed by the rumble of thunder, we knew something was wrong. I raced to the front door and I was not surprised to see the remnants of a two-car accident spread all over the northbound lanes of 16th Street NW at the intersection of Hemlock Street.

Crazy Accident on 16th Street NW

Fortunately, it appeared that no one in either vehicle was seriously injured. However both cars seemed like they are total losses to my amateur eye.  While the driver of the Chevy sedan remained on the scene, the young man who was driving the Free 2 Move Carsharing vehicle gathered his belongings from inside the damaged vehicle, then casually hopped into the passenger side of an awaiting black BMW and sped off heading north.

Crazy Accident on 16th Street NW

Somehow, these cars got tangled together while driving north, then separated, causing serious damage to a tree on the right side of the road and uprooting one of the hedges in the road median.  All of the neighbors who gathered outside to figure out what happened were really puzzled about how two cars going in the same direction could do so much damage to each other and both sides of the roadway.

Several Metro buses were caught in the blocked traffic and were delayed.

This was the second curious accident on this block in the past two weeks; another car swerved off the road recently and crashed into a neighbor’s retaining wall.  16th Street is STRAIGHT; there really is no excuse for such poor driving. Undoubtedly, speed was a factor in both accidents.

Be safe out there!




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