Harris Teeter Support Petition Nabs 260 Signatures

FINAL UPDATE: 260 signatories as of Wednesday morning (98 from Shepherd Park, 99 from Takoma and 63 from Brightwood or other neighborhoods).

UPDATE: 227 signatures in support were submitted to the DC Council this morning.  You can watch the live vote on today’s legislative agenda here.

UPDATE: The support petition launched late last week has picked up close to 200 signatures.  There are still five hours to go before this information is shared with the DC Council.  Sign up today!

This compares favorably with the Change.org petition against the project, which collected approximately 200 signatures (120 online + 80 offline) over the course of severals weeks.

As the opposition to this project has taken several steps in the past week or so to dissuade the council from allowing the transfer of the “alley” to the developer, I feel it would be helpful to counter the previously done petition in opposition with one of those of us in support of the project. Please use the following link to be included among the supporters of the Harris Teeter project without objection to the possible increases in traffic, parking, density, or millennials that have been suggested as negative impacts that will come with this project. In several of these cases, we do not see these as problems nor as valid arguments against the development, but in some cases, part of the natural challenges of living in a vibrant urban neighborhood.
I am doing this survey differently from the other petition and collecting addresses because I want to demonstrate the degree of support that is verifiable to our neighborhoods and clearly DC and Ward 4 voters. I promise addresses will only be provided to members of the council when responses are provided to them and will not be used for any other purpose than submitting this petition.
There is a crucial council vote on Tuesday, June 27 so please respond no later than Monday, June 26 at midnight so responses can be sent first thing Tuesday morning.
David Inoue
Alaska Ave

The DC Council vote on the Jemal’s Gateway project is scheduled for Tuesday, June 27th. It is not too late to let your opinion be known to the Council.  Complete this simple Eastern/Georgia Avenue Project One Question Survey or the petition linked below by midnight to ensure that your voice is counted.

Christopher Alexander

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