Frazier O’Leary Wins School Board Special Election

After a hard-fought election campaign, former Cardozo teacher Frazier O’Leary won Tuesday’s Special Election to fill the Ward 4 seat on the State Board of Education. Mr. O’Leary bested three other candidates: Rhonda Henderson, Ryan Tauriainen, and Elani Lawrence.  The votes totals appear below:

Election Results

As anticipated, this was a super-low turnout race, with only 7.78% of the Ward’s registered voters appearing at the polls on Election Day. Shepherd Park’s Precinct 62 lead the way with a 16.12% turnout.  This is the second consecutive turnout victory for Precinct 62, which also led Ward 4 in the recent General Election.  Lafayette (Precinct 51: 12.4%) and St. John’s College (Precinct 52: 10.3%): the gauntlet has been thrown down!

Surprisingly, the 7.78% turnout was a big improvement over the city’s last State Board of Education Special Election.  In 2014, the Special Election race for the Ward 8 seat garnered only a miserly 3.18% of the electorate. At least we’re moving in the right direction!

Congratulation to Mr. O’Leary and good luck to him as he lends his years of education experience to the State Board of Education, which is, frankly, an institution that is mysterious to most residents. And thank you to the other candidates who stood in the arena and offered their voices in the debate of ideas of how best to education our children.  I am sure that each of them will continue their efforts in public service.


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