Images from BLM Protest at the White House

After the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week, angry protests sprung up across the nation.  In Washington, DC, we have protest in our culture, but few were expecting what happened last Monday after to occur here.

After that incident, residents respond by showing up in massives number on Tuesday afternoon. Thousands of protesters rallied to express displease with what happened the day before.

The gathering was energetic and completely peaceful.  At one point, a young man climbed a pole and pulled down the street sign.  The crowd roundly booed him and tossed a few water bottles at him for good measure.  A self-policing culture among the protesters had clearly set in.

Interestingly, just this morning Mayor Bowser and the city replaced that street sign with this one:

The portion of 16th Street directly in front of the White House was officially named “Black Lives Matter Plaza”

Black Live Matter Protest

Black Live Matter Protest

Overall, this was a younger crowd than you see at most DC protests; Millenials were definitely the biggest age group.  There were some high school-age students, but very few children.


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