Local Dogs Enjoy Northern Ward 4 Dog Park Soft Opening

After a nearly ten-year wait, the Northern Ward 4 Dog Park is finally open to the public!

Last Thursday, Marci Wasserman, one of the organizers of the Northern Ward 4 Dog Park community group, posted this message to the local listservs:

Hi Everyone,

Just a heads up that we’re going to be unlocking the new Takoma Dog Park at Noon today.
We decided that we’re not going to wait for any sort of soft opening ceremony, ribbon cutting, or anything like that.
We just want the doggies to be able to PLAY (they’ve been waiting long enough!).
The official dog park hours are from Dawn until Dusk every day.
We’ll probably hold some sort of small, socially distant celebration in the next few days.
And we’ll probably have some more info soon about the dog park organization itself and finding volunteers to lock and unlock the park.
– Marci and Michael
I stopped by on Saturday between errands (sadly, without our dog, Isis) to snap a few photos.  Several neighborhood dogs and their humans were already enjoying the beautiful new facility.
The dog park is located on the west side of the Takoma Recreation Center at 300 Van Buren NW, right next to the Coolidge High School gymnasium.  There are two LARGE, fenced play areas with double gates and adequate seating for humans.  A doggie poop bag dispenser and a water fountain with a dog-accessible pan are available.
The surface is covered by finely ground gravel.  It’s not the most elegant solution, but the dogs that were present on Saturday didn’t seem to mind.  The gravel is a bit sandier than the gravel that you find at the Upshur Dog Park, which can become a muddy mess after it rains. Fingers crossed this batch will hold up a little better.
There’s still plenty of cosmetic work to be done on the outside of the fences, but for now, feel free to stroll on by and check it out!
The ongoing maintenance and support of this great resource will depend on community involvement.  If you would like to help, visit the group Facebook page at facebook.com/northward4dogpark



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