Marvin Caplan Park Bench Update

This is an update from Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Stacey Lincoln (4A02) on the recent discussion about the installation of a park bench in Marvin Caplan Park

Dear Neighbors:

This is an update regarding the adoption of Marvin Caplan Park, specifically, the concert slab where a bench would be situated. A local small business, TCG, located in the community adopted the park through the Department of Parks and Recreation ‘s (DPR) Adopt-A-Park Program. After a review of the process, it seems that TCG followed the process. It should be noted that the process does not indicate that the ANC should be notified as with other agencies such as DCRA, DDOT, and DHS.

After becoming aware of the issue, I made contact with TCG to get more details. Part of the communication involved the community’s concerns about a proposed bench from a historical perspective. I also expressed that there was support in favor of a bench.

Because the community was not notified in advance about the adoption of the park and there is not an overwhelming consensus in favor of the addition of a bench, the concrete slab was removed and the park returned to its original condition. No further action will be taken until a consensus is determined.

I recently visited the park and verified that the concrete has been removed. Additionally, I walked the neighborhood near the park and spoke to several neighbors about the issue.

Finally, many of you have expressed your thoughts about this issue. I welcome others to share thoughts on this and other issues.

I hope you all continue to stay safe, healthy, and well.


Stacey Lincoln
Commissioner, ANC4A02
(804) 466-4932

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