New Apartment Building Planned for Walter Reed on Georgia Avenue

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Walter Reed Community Advisory Committee held its September meeting on Monday night via an online webinar. This blog post will convey the top items of new information that were shared during the meeting.

New Apartment Building Fronting Georgia Avenue

Parcel QRS
Site of the proposed apartment building

The biggest news of the night was the introduction of a new multifamily project located on what the developers call “Parcel QRS”.  This area is located on Georgia Avenue NW just south of Dahlia Street NW.  A non-historic metal-clad building currently sits on the site.

This new apartment building has always been a part of the master Walter Reed development plan. In early site planning images, it was shown as two separate buildings.  In the forthcoming designs, there will only be one building.

The developer promises to engage the community in a robust presentation schedule throughout the design process.  The feedback they receive during these meetings is essential to creating a final product that is satisfactory for the majority of current neighbors and future residents.

There will be multiple community meetings in September and October.  Subsequent presentations to both ANC 4A and ANC 4B, and the Community Advisory Commission will take place in November and December. Finally, the design will be submitted to the Historic Preservation Review Board in December.

Construction is envisioned to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

This building will be an important component of the Walter Reed puzzle.  Because it will sit right along George Avenue, it will be a key connecting piece between the massive development and the existing community. Additionally, the brick buildings that sit directly behind this parcel are a part of Howard University’s portion of the campus.  Building 7 (labeled above) will be used by Howard University as an ambulatory care facility.  Building 6 will be used for the university’s nursing school; they are currently evaluating whether to renovate or demolish it.

Karin House Updates

Karin House is an upcoming affordable housing development that is being created by So Others Might Eat (SOME), a district-based non-profit organization. They are renovating an existing building near the DC International School to provide 40 units of housing to low-income seniors.

The organization and its contractors have been working hard all summer.  The interior of the building has been completely gutted, and the contractor is beginning to frame the interior.  Completion of the project is scheduled for some time next summer. Learn more about SOME’s affordable housing initiatives here.

Abrams Hall – Veterans and Seniors Building

The former Abrams Hall building was converted into 77 units of affordable housing for veterans and 80 units of affordable senior’s housing.  The building is now essentially fully leased out.

Sherryl Newman, Councilmember Todd’s Chief of Staff, remarked that there had been a few disturbances between the residents. Apparently there was one person who needed more support than what could be provided in this setting.  The Councilmember’s office worked with the service providers to find another place for that resident to live.  They are hopeful that that will alleviate the issue.

Farmer’s Market

The FRESHFARM market has returned to Walter Reed. The market is open every Sunday morning in September and October from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Click here to see a list of the current vendors.

This farmer’s market seems to be more popular than ever.  Caroline Kenney noted that during the first two weeks this season there have been over two hundred customers per week. Last year, the average customer count was around 113.  Strong attendance helps the market grow and encourages other vendors to participate.

The Brooks and the Vale

Progress on the Brooks and the Vale building at the corner of has continued on schedule, with delivery expected in the spring of 2021.  The team is currently installing the exterior facade and continuing with the interior build.  There will be 301 apartments and 89 condominiums. If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing a unit, contact their sales team at

Interestingly, development principal Caroline Kenney mentioned that a notable portion of pre-sales so far has come from nearby neighbors who were looking to downsize from larger homes.

Main Drive Rebuilding

Main Drive at Walter ReedMost of the roads on the Parks side of the Walter Reed development will either be new or significantly rebuilt before the project is completed. The development team is currently rebuilding Main Drive near Georgia Avenue.  A new roadbed, curbs, and sidewalks will be installed.  The work is expected to be completed in October.

“Town Center” building

The “Town Center” building on the north side of the Walter Reed site, which the developers call “The Hartley”, is currently ongoing site preparation.  The existing underground parking garage is also currently being renovated. This will be the location of the future Whole Foods grocery store, along with 323 apartments and some smaller retailers.  The Whole Foods team is actively engaged in the process and will begin designing the layout of the store once the construction process reaches the first floor.

Within the next 3o days, residents should expect to see the installation of a tower crane to facilitate the construction of the building.

Aspen Street Construction Concerns Meetings

Nearby neighbors who have concerns over ongoing construction issues can join a Bi-weekly Community Construction Call.  Issues that are discussed include noise complaints, construction truck staging, and contractor parking.  The next call is scheduled for Monday, September 28th at 6:30 pm. Email to receive the call-in information.

In the meantime, residents can provide their feedback on the Community Report Card. Click here to submit your response.



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