Register to Vote in DC

Register to Vote in DC

Did you know that the DC Board of Elections will be mailing ballots to all registered voters for the November 3rd election? Check your voter registration and make sure your address is correct to ensure you get your mail-in ballot:

If you received the recent mailer from the Board of Elections and your information was correct, no action is necessary and you are all set to receive a mail-in ballot. If you did not receive this mailer or your information was incorrect, update your registration or register to vote to get your mail-in ballot:

You can also same-day register and vote in person during Election Week (October 27 – November 2) or on Election Day (November 3). More details here:

Vote Center locations (16 for early voting; 89 for Election day) will be announced soon. If you’re already registered and everything looks good, check on a neighbor, friend, or family member to see if they are registered and if they need any help. You can always contact me with questions or for assistance. #VoteSafeDC

Erin Palmer, ANC 4B02 Commissioner

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