Roblox Report – This Month’s Hottest Games

Hello there DCNorthStar nation! This is Savannah coming to you with the March Roblox Report. If you don’t know what Roblox is, I have a more in-depth explanation in my last blog post, which you can find here

Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg is my current favorite Roblox game. It is a simulation game.  Players are given a basic house upon joining the game for the first time. From there, there are many places you can go to role-play working, eating and even going to church!  As the game’s description reads,  “The Possibilities Are Endless.”

Personally, I like the building feature. I had so many ideas when I first joined. The furniture is wonderful and you can have a pool, a garage, cars, and more. I made a restaurant, a mansion, a church, and a school.  Then, I scraped some of them and rebuilt from scratch. It is a really nice game to play. I suggest you try it. Currently, access is 25 Robux, upon full release it is free. The animations for the game are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G If this is just beta, I can’t even imagine what full release will be like.


Roblox Meepcity

Honestly, I’ve only played the game once or twice. Here’s some background I know about it: Meepcity was originally a website of itself back in the early 2000’s. The Creator, alexnewtron decided to shut down the website. Late last year he sent out a tweet saying, “Meepcity is coming back!” People assumed the website would be re-opening. But they were wrong! Meepcity came back to life as a Roblox game!

In Meepcity, you get a little pet called a Meep. You can take your meep around town, stopping  by the club, pizza place, furniture shop, playground, fishing, and much more. Personally, I’m not such a big fan of Meepcity. However if you like animals and pets and and want to do customization without putting in a lot of effort, MeepCity may be worth the play for you.

Even though these reviews will be mainly focusing on games I decided to branch out a bit for this Month’s post: I’ll be reviewing my favorite group, one of which I’ve been loyal to since my first month of Roblox, The Empire of Grandelumiere. The Empire of Grandelumiere, often appreviated to the letters “EoG”, is a roleplay group focused on Western Europe. EoG is based on 18th century Napoleonic France. An important thing to note is that instead of Kings, we have Emperors. To become a nobility you must join a house and ask the house leader to become a member. My personal character is Isabella Eloise Duchess of Normandy, Mother Superior of the Dijon convent. She is the head of House Normandy, one of the 5 Greater Houses. The other Great Houses are: Lowell-Burgundy, Lowell-Brittany, Lowell-Valois. To learn more about the interesting lore, click here:

That’s all for now! I’ll see you next month where I will be reviewing the top-trending games. Bye!

Savannah A

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