The Search for the Best Ribs In DC

Sometimes, you just gotta have it…

Tender and juicy barbecue ribs are a fantastic treat any time of the year. No other meat delivers as much sweet flavor, texture and joy in a single bite.

Johnny-Boy Ribs

Johnny Boy Carry-out

Our current go to spot for great BBQ ribs is this small carry-out on the border of DC and Capitol Heights, MD. Now, a visit to Johnny Boy is not for the faint of heart. This is an old school DC carry-out with thick plexiglass bolted to the counter and curt customer service behind it. On any given day you can buy the latest bootleg movies or t-shirts from the trunk of a car in the parking lot. But folks, let me tell you, those distractions are just a mere inconvenience. Once you sink your teeth into those delicious bites of gold, your trip there will have been well rewarded.

A delicious serving of ribs

Paired with an order of vegetable fried rice from the Chinese restaurant next door, Johnny Boy ribs make the ultimate quick Sunday Dinner. Try a full slab of ribs, with mixed sauce (mild and spicy) on the side. Everyone that we’ve every sent there has fallen in love at first bite.

The Dilemma

Our only problem with Johnny Boy is that we can’t always make that drive across town to buy their ribs when the mood strikes. To solve that problem, I am turning to you, my friends and followers.

  • Where do you go when you have a craving for some good barbecue?
  • Which restaurant around town serves the very best ribs?

Share your choices on my page at

The Skinny

Johnny Boy Carryout
4125 Southern Avenue
Capitol Heights, MD 20743

Mon – Thur 11am – 11 pm
Fri – Sat 11am – 12 am
Sunday 11am – 9 pm

(301) 736-6300



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