Security Smart: The Best Ways to Protect Your DC Home From Burglary

In the past few months, several uptown Washington, DC neighborhoods experienced a string of home burglaries or burglary attempts.  There has also been an ongoing problem of ‘theft from auto’ where thieves steal items from parked cars.  As a service to the community, I wanted to gather the best, professional advice on security measures that residents can take to protect themselves, their homes and their vehicles. Based on recommendations from neighbors, I learned about Mr. Michael Palmer and his company Wired Fusion, LLC. Their local client list includes Shepherd Park Christian Church.

In this interview, we discuss his background in the security industry and learn about the best ways to protect your home today.

A Problem as Old as Time

Theft, burglary, robbery…it’s an age-old conundrum. You go to work to buy a home and the things you desire for your family’s comfort and enjoyment.  But then you have the opposite: people who want to see you go to work, so they can take what you’ve earned from you.  This has been a dilemma since the beginning of time.

But unlike any other time in the world’s history, we now have, through technological advances, a measure to deter that and to capture that activity.  What I tell all my customers, whether they are government, residential or commercial: why not take advantage of something that’s going to give you more security and keep what’s in your possession, yours? Get cameras installed.

Security expert Michael Palmer of Wired Fusion, LLC
Michael Palmer of Wired Fusion, LLC

These were the opening words of Mr. Michael Palmer, security expert, Brightwood Park resident, and owner of Wired Fusion, LLC, an electronic security company  It was clear that he takes his work very seriously and has a passion for helping his clients solve their security challenges.  He explained to me the three layers of security: intrusion detection, access control and surveillance cameras.  Of these, surveillance cameras are the only thing that can give you recourse after a burglary event.

3 layers of home security

Success Tip

When I asked him to share a success tip, he eagerly offered: “Don’t get ready, be ready! It makes no sense to rush to install security equipment after the fact, when you’ve already been violated.”

Career Highlight

Mr. Palmer has an extensive background in the residential, commercial and government security industries.  He identified a career highlight as the time he spent serving as a Subject Matter Expert for the Intelligence Fusion Centers that were created in the wake of the September 11th  terrorist attacks.  In his role as an electronic security contractor, he helped to protect the secure data network that allows our nation’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies to communicate with one another.  He traveled the country to ensure that the electronic and physical security at these centers was up to current standards.

Correction as Direction – A Situation That Didn’t Work Out

In most of our interviews, I ask the guests to name a career or business situation that didn’t go as planned.  Sometimes, we learn the most about ourselves when we face an unexpected challenge.

Mr. Palmer recalled scenarios during the start-up phase of his company where they would install wireless camera systems that customers purchased themselves from Costco or online stores.  Invariably, these wireless cameras would lose their signal because of environmental factors or just sheer accident, like someone unplugging the base unit.  Michael said that they spent so much time on call-backs fixing these problems that he felt like he needed a satellite office at the customer’s house!  Due to that experience, he has abandoned the practice of installing residential wireless camera systems.  Every camera that they install now is wired, which guarantees a signal 99.99% of the time.

Top Security Tips and Strategies for Protecting Your Home and Property

Mr. Palmer and I had an easy, free-flowing conservation that was packed with advice on how to protect your home. Here are some of the top tips that he offered:

  • Vandal-proof, dome type cameras are superior to “bullet” cameras – Bullet cameras have an elbow that can be turned away from the areas you want to protect by someone who is up to no good. Vandal-proof cameras are not as easily manipulated.Dome vs Bullet cameras
  • Use the best equipment – Wired Fusion, LLC only installs high-quality products, including cameras which they guarantee for three years…two years beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Ensure that your security equipment is in line with the décor of your home – His company offers cameras in various colors to best match the exterior of your home.
  • Set Digital Video Recorders to “motion activation mode” – Most modern cameras have built-in, digital storage. Setting the camera to record on motion detection saves valuable storage capacity on the chip and makes the resulting video footage more useful.
  • Closed Circuit v. IP-based systems – For securing a single location, a closed-circuit camera system is safer than one that uses the Internet Protocol (Article: Romanian woman pleads guilty in D.C. I.P. camera ransomware attack). While closed-circuit systems are impenetrable without physical access, IP-based systems are exposed to all the inherent risks of the open internet.
  • Alarm systems cannot protect your home unless you activate them. Use “stay” mode when you’re working from home during the day.
  • Just because you live in a nice quiet community, don’t leave yourself open to vulnerabilities like leaving windows and doors unlocked. Thieves probe neighborhoods until they find a soft target…don’t give them the opportunity.
  • Participate in the city’s Private Security Camera System Incentive Program. This program provides a rebate of up to $500 per residential address and $750 for all other eligible addresses to purchase and install security camera systems on their property and register them with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). This program is intended to help deter crime and assist law enforcement with investigations.

Recommended Books, Documentaries or Video-series

Did I tell you that he is serious about security? When I asked him to name a book, blog or podcast that he would recommend, he said, “ICD-705 Intelligence Community Directives”.

My response: “Really??!” But that just goes to show that he’s been so busy growing his company that he hasn’t had time for a lot of pleasure reading lately.  He did however recommend that residents interested in home security should watch videos on YouTube.  Mr. Palmer tells all his customers and employees that if you’re having trouble with an installation, go to YouTube, because there is so much information available.

He says, “It does not make sense for anybody to have their car violated and not have camera footage.  We have the capacity now to get it.  If whole city blocks protected themselves with cameras, they would be almost inoculated from property crime.”


It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Palmer and learn a little bit about his philosophy on the industry.  He takes the work of protecting your home very seriously.  If you want to improve the overall level of safety for your loved ones and home, you owe it to yourself to give him a call and see how his company’s services can help you. You can reach out to him with the contact information listed below.


Business Name: Wired Fusion, LLC.

Type: Security Consulting and System Installation

Address: 2141 Industrial Parkway, Silver Spring MD 20904

Business Phone: 202-696-8474

Years in Business: 19

Employees: 15


This is the latest of my series of articles where I interview interesting local personalities and business leaders. As a Realtor®, I serve my clients best when I have a deep knowledge of the communities where I work. Previous articles:



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