Shepherd Park Community Center Update (February 2020)

DC Department of Parks and Recreation project manager Brent Sisco shared the following update on the Shepherd Park Community Center yesterday.

Hello Shepherd Park Community!

As discussed in our previous community meetings, DPR distributes monthly updates on active construction projects.  Attached is the second construction update for the Shepherd Park project.  Monthly updates will be distributed by the 10th day of each month until project completion.  We hope that you find these updates informative – each update will also be added to the project website after distribution:

Shepherd Construction Update_Feb 2019

Project Overview

Shepherd P-ark Community Center project includes the addition of a new community center attached to the existing Shepherd Elementary School to include:

  • a new cafeteria / cooking kitchen
  • multipurpose dining room
  • gymnasium
  • fitness center
  • office
  • restrooms for both elementary students and adults

New amenities will be used by students during the day with community usage after school hours.

What Happened In January

Excavation of excess soils in preparation for new addition
  • Continued soil excavation necessary to get down to final grade of new addition.
  • Continued grading required for sheeting and shoring access.
  • Continued installation of the sheeting and shoring ‘soldier pile and lagging wall system) to protect the excavated area from soil collapse.
  • Completed installation of construction trailer on site including access from Jonquil Street and utilities needed for operation.
  • Completed demolition of retaining wall and pictures of mural taken for future art reference.

What to Expect in February

  • Continuation of soil excavation and hauling of spoils off site.
  • Excavation and pouring of column and wall footings for new construction.
  • Excavation and pouring of footing and wall for exterior stairs.
  • Rerouting of the existing storm line from existing building in preparation for new construction.

Did you know?

Soldier pile and lagging walls, commonly known as soldier piles, are some of the oldest forms of retaining wall systems used in deep excavations. Soldier pile walls have commonly been used since the late 18th century in cites such as New York, Berlin, and London. The method is also commonly known as the ‘Berlin Wall’. Friction and cohesion created by the piles and lagging help to prevent sliding of the soil mass and thereby reduce the lateral pressure against the wall system.

retaining wall
Retaining wall



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