Upcoming Takoma Developments Highlight November ANC 4B Meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B held its November meeting at the Metropolitan Police 4th District Headquarters Monday evening.  There was a large audience for a meeting that didn’t feature special guests;  ANC 4B is the cool place to be on Monday nights!

Secondly, I would like to commend the Commission for its commitment to open communication with its constituents.  Not only has ANC 4B launched a new and informative website, it has published a 2019 Annual Report which covers many of its activities for the year. 4B used to be a more reliable source of drama and infighting than the fake wrestling on Monday Night RAW. Now, it’s just good governance on display.

Development Proposal for 300-308 Carroll Street NW

Sassan Gharai, the architect behind 300-308 Carroll Street NW development came to present his project   Well, not really to present as much as to lament the many challenges he faces trying to build at the unusual site across from the Takoma Metro station.

In addition to an extremely narrow setback, the site hosts two historic houses, and a historically protected storefront (the home of Spicy Delight and a barbershop).  All of this sits on a hill that rises all the way to Vine Street in the rear.  He is committed to keeping the current retail tenants.

The goal to to create up to 140 apartments or to create a mixed-use situation that includes senior housing.  Mr. Gharai says that he is open to “massaging” the plan to make it a better fit for the neighborhood.



300 Carroll Street NW
An artist’s rendering

Development Proposal for 225 Vine Street

Kevin Brown, development principal at Montage Development Group, came for his second visit to the Commission to share plans for an upcoming residential building at 225 Vine Street in Takoma.  The team is set to visit the Historic Preservation Review Board at the December meeting, but they will not ask for a vote at that time.  They plan to receive feedback there, then return to the ANC  for support in January.

One notable change from last month’s presentation is that the developer has committed to moving the building far enough back from the very narrow Vine Street to create an eight-foot wide sidewalk in front of the property.

Alcohol License Renewals

The Commission discussed and voted on a long series of Alcoholic Beverage License renewals and applications.  Establishments up for approval include the Georgia Avenue Walmart (Class B – Beer and Wine), S&S Wine & Spirits, Takoma Station Tavern, and The V.I.P. Room.

Reviewing Alcoholic Beverage Licenses is one of an ANC’s most important functions. Watching the discussions, it is difficult to discern a rationale for why commissioners vote the way they do on these resolutions.  Two voted against Walmart’s license because of issues related to their corporate behavior, while other establishments received near universal support despite multiple instances of recent violence.

More or less, all of the establishments up for review last night either received the ANC’s support or the resolutions which aimed to protest their applications failed.

Jennell Alexander | 4646 40th Street NW Washington, DC 20016 | 202-717-2276

Upcoming Events

Speakers mentioned a variety of upcoming events that may interest the reader.  Here is a selection:

  • ANC 4B will hold a Comprehensive Plan Working Session on Saturday, December 7th from 2 – 4 pm at MPD 4D HQ
  • EdFest will take place on December 14 at the DC Armory. Come and learn about all the DCPS and DC Public Charter School options for your child
  • Councilmember Brandon Todd will host the Ward 4 Holiday Party at December 7th at Lafayette Elementary School.  Call the office to learn what size Winter Coat you should bring for your donation.
  • In conjunction with the utility work on Eastern Avenue, Washington Gas will need to do checks on individual homes in that immediate beginning in January.  Gas lines will need to be temporarily turned off. Be on the lookout for mailers and door knocker indicating your inspection date.  If you are not at home when the check is performed, your gas will be turned off and you will have to schedule your own reconnection at a later date.

About Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 4B represents the Ward 4 neighborhoods of Takoma, Manor Park and Lamond-Riggs. An ANC is a non-partisan, neighborhood body made up of locally elected representatives called Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners. The Commissioners are elected to two-year terms and serve without pay.

The ANCs’ main job is to be their neighborhood’s official voice in advising the District government. Although they do not have to follow the ANCs’ advice, District agencies are required to give the ANCs’ recommendations “great weight.”

These are the members of ANC 4B:

Single Member District Name Email
4B01 Evan Yeats 4B01@anc.dc.gov
4B02 Erin Palmer 4B02@anc.dc.gov
4B03 Scot Knickerbocker 4B03@anc.dc.gov
4B04 Brenda Parks 4B04@anc.dc.gov
4B05 Perry Redd 4B05@anc.dc.gov
4B06 Tiffani Nichole Johnson 4B06@anc.dc.gov
4B07 Geoff Bromaghim 4B07@anc.dc.gov
4B08 Alison Brooks 4B08@anc.dc.gov
4B09 LaRoya A. Huff 4B09@anc.dc.gov

Find your ANC here.



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