Update from ANC4A02 Commissioner Stacey Lincoln

ANC4A02 Commissioner Lincoln
ANC4A02 Commissioner Stacey Lincoln

Dear Neighbors:

I have had the pleasure of serving as your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC4A02) for almost two months. It was a pleasure meeting those who attended the meeting Wednesday of this week. I further want to thank those whom I met walking the various blocks in an effort to conduct the Liquor License Moratorium Survey. I will continue to walk the blocks to meet as many of you as possible.

I continue in earnest and honest efforts in learning the position. There are several orientations that were sponsored by various government agencies and departments. Over the past few weeks, I have attended the following orientations/trainings:

  • Alcohol Beverage and Regulation Administration (ABRA)
  • Office of ANC (Financial Management & Budget Training)
  • Department of Environment and Energy (DOEE)
  • Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)
ANC 4A02
Inspecting the derelict property on Morningside

By no considerable means have I become an expert in these areas, though my knowledge has been enhanced and I am able to act as a resource on your behalf.

I also want to thank those who attended the Single Member District meeting held on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at Juanita Thornton/Shepherd Park Library. I was able to provide more details about the proposed development (full service grocery shore/apartments) project at the intersection of Georgia and Eastern Avenue NW. Just to note, I met with one of the stakeholders and was provided a visual walk-through at the proposed site. I did my best to make inquiries of issues that are important to the residents of this SMD. We also discussed rumors to get clarification. I provided preliminary results of the Liquor License Moratorium Survey. Finally, the meeting ended with some take-aways which are:

  •  A visual Walk-though of the Georgia Avenue Project site will be provided to residents once a date is set.
  • The request to reopen the record is being considered so that additional information may be added Zoning Commission’s report
  • Neighborhood Walk-through regarding street/alley/sidewalk repairs, improved lighting, etc.
  • Plans (temporary/permanent) are underway to reduce the theft of delivered packages from residences
  • Plans to improve communication (Everyone does not use the listserve or computer)

Finally, I want to thank John Folger, Samuel Washington and Tommy Duren for agreeing to assist with improving communications to the SMD. Lastly for those who are on Facebook, I created a dedicated profile for ANC4A02 please “LIKE” as I will post important events and dates. Lets all work together in the best interest of the Shepherd Park Community.

Thank you all for the trust and goodwill you have shown.


Stacey Lincoln
Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 4A02
Office of ANC Commission 4A
7820 Eastern Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20012
Tel: 202-450-6225

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