You’ve Received Your Mail-In Ballot. Now What?

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Erin Palmer created this neat tutorial for how to complete and return your DC Mail-In Ballot on Twitter. I used the Thread Reader app to convert her series of Tweets into this convenient article. Enjoy!

So, you’ve received your mail-in ballot materials. What now???

Your mail-in ballot materials come with:

  1. your ballot;
  2. a secrecy sleeve;
  3. a postage prepaid, self-addressed return envelope. Image
Make sure your ballot reflects the right Ward and Single Member District. Read the directions. And then vote your ballot! Don’t forget to flip it over – there’s important stuff on the back.Image
Refold your ballot and place it in the secrecy sleeve. I’ll get to that funny hole later. Image
Place your ballot that is in the secrecy sleeve in the return ballot envelope.
Seal and you are set to return it.

More on how to return your mail-in ballot here:

Drop boxes will be open October 5th and you can also drop mail-in ballots at open vote centers from October 27-November 3.

I’m partial to drop boxes for returning mail-in ballots. You can see size and scale, and just how secure and beautiful they are here.

Getting back to that funny hole in the secrecy sleeve and return ballot envelope

And you can always ask questions via the DC Board of Elections by calling (202) 727-2525 or visiting their website at I can answer questions too. Happy voting!



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